Ethiopia participsted at WIPO's 14th Advisory Committee on Enforcement (ACE)

Ethiopia participsted at WIPO's 14th Advisory Committee on Enforcement (ACE) September 2- 5, 2019, Geneva, Switzerland.

In the three days meetings dozen of countries and corporation such as Facebook, Amazon and Google have made contribution about their experience in IP enforcement activities where they underlined the need for holistic, advanced and swift action to combat piracy and counterfeiting. EIPO's Director General Ermias Yemanebrehan, has chaired the national experience sharing contribution by Brazil, Greek, Italy, Morocco, Spain and USA on IP enforcement.




Message from the

Director General

It is indeed a great enchantment for me to address some vital and kernel issues and points with regard to the vision, mission, values and goals of our office- Ethiopian Intellectual Property Office (EIPO) in a nutshell. This is in order to shed lights on our mapped out plan which we all are duty bound to carry to its end using all possible modus operandi . It is a glaring and undeniable fact that the EIPO needs to strive to its utmost capacity to essentially strengthen the national IPR system as a sources of wealth creation and value-addition in its own right, to the benefit of the society and individuals, taking all administrative, technical and legal frameworks into account. Read More...