Ethiopia Recognizes the Value of WIPO’s Persistent Support

Ethiopia Recognizes the Value of WIPO’s Persistent Support

Ethiopia participated in the 58th series of meetings of the assemblies of the member states of WIPO which took place in Geneva, Switzerland from September 24 to October 2, 2018. H.E. Ambassador Negash Kibret led the nation’s delegates that include the Ethiopian Intellectual Property Office Director General Ermias Yemanebrhan and Mekdelawit Taye.

Ethiopia appreciates WIPO’s continued support in developing the national IP strategies and building human and institutional capacities, ambassador Negash said while addressing the general assembly. Indeed, WIPO has been instrumental in setting up the national IP Academy and in this respect, in the near future the current status will be re-evaluated and need assessment will be conducted for the establishment of the Academy, Ambassador Negash added.

With the technical and financial assistance of WIPO, Ethiopia has now reached at the final stage of issuing the national IP policy and strategy, and is in the process of drafting a national law on traditional knowledge. In order to create appropriate awareness of the policy and strategy among the stake holders, a national workshop will be organized this coming November, he announced.

Moreover, the recent launching of IPAS and automation, as one of the major projects by WIPO helps to enhance the Government’s commitment towards modernizing different economic and social sectors in the country, he highlighted.  Ethiopia has now become the second African country to have launched Online Trademark Database. In this regard, he said, the government would like to express its profound appreciation to WIPO and, in particular to the Division for the LDCs for its continued and unreserved support. It encourages the Division to further enhance its commitment to support LDCs.

Besides, the Ethiopian Intellectual Property Office Director General Ermias Yemanebrhan appreciated WIPO’s technical and staff development support. The State has worked persistently to sign WIPO’s international conventions in order to modernize the Nation’s intellectual property system, he added.

Ethiopia believes that the establishment of legally binding international instruments is vital to protect genetic resources, traditional cultural expressions and traditional knowledge Mr. Ermias underlined. In this respect, the government would like to encourage the IGC to finalize the consultations and reach a decision to convene a diplomatic conference.




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Director General

It is indeed a great enchantment for me to address some vital and kernel issues and points with regard to the vision, mission, values and goals of our office- Ethiopian Intellectual Property Office (EIPO) in a nutshell. This is in order to shed lights on our mapped out plan which we all are duty bound to carry to its end using all possible modus operandi . It is a glaring and undeniable fact that the EIPO needs to strive to its utmost capacity to essentially strengthen the national IPR system as a sources of wealth creation and value-addition in its own right, to the benefit of the society and individuals, taking all administrative, technical and legal frameworks into account. Read More...